About Us

Capstone Crusaders is a team of seniors at Champlain College, currently enrolled in the Senior Production¬†class. Our main goal is simply…to create the best game we can possibly make. This blog follows the team’s development process through the eyes of the producer.


Our Team:

AJ Purnell – Producer

Aaron Higgins – Lead Artist and Animator

Amanda Deep –¬†Character and UI Artist

Ben Hiller – Environment and Props Artist

Dennis Ngo – General Designer

Jed Myers – Narrative Designer

John Salagaj – Systems, UX, and Lead Gameplay Designer

Riley Bufton – Level and Systems Designer

Tony Bennie – Lead Narrative Designer

Dan Covert – AI Programmer

Dmitri Kazanecki – Gameplay and Lead Programmer

Gabby Kenney РGameplay and Systems Programmer