Progress Report – Week 11

A week late but here’s an update from the week of March 26th…

  • Designer Meeting on Monday, March 27th, 2017…
    • John finished the Progression system prototype, plans on working on the Poster blockout, and will be working on the main menu update.
    • Jed is working on the rewrite for the narrative, as is Tony and Dennis, the rewrite is basically cutting out all of the branching dialogue.
    • Talked about getting rid of the text already in the files.
    • Riley started the block out for the final boss fight.
    • Started thinking about sound effects or how to record them.
    • Worked on making a model flow chart for drifter customers.
  • Artist Check-In on Monday, March 27th, 2017…
    • Aaron is working on the Boar Troll Rig.
    • Amanda is working on User Interface Assets.
    • Ben showed the tree model and well model he made over the weekend.
    • Discussed plans for the reel.
  • Artist Work Meeting on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017…
    • Aaron spent this time working on the boar rig.
    • Amanda spent this time working on the user interface.
    • Ben spent this time recoloring the well and fixing the tree model.
  • Programmer Meeting on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 (in which I attended this week)…
    • We discussed the timeline for the remainder of the week and for the semester. There are 3 weeks and 6 days left.
    • For Friday, the drafts of the poster and the trailer are due. The poster shouldn’t take the Designers too long, but the trailer is the big thing.
    • Saturday, our game will be setup for Accepted Students Day, so prospective students can play our game.
    • Gabby will be working on dialogue.
    • Dan will be working on the second boss.
    • Dmitri will be working on logic.
  • Full Group Discussion Meeting on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017…
    • We started with a quick Scrum…
      • I mentioned what I did in the work meeting, which was making the square branding image for Steam and updating the general business doc.
      • Tony rewrote a few characters and plans to finish that.
      • Riley is going to finish a level blockout
      • Amanda has been working on the UI and hopes to finish this weekend.
      • Dan is almost done setting up AI for the Troll, he plans for it to be done by next Saturday.
      • John finished the Progression System prototype but the gold counter is a little funky. He said it is ready to be given to the Programmers. He is going to work on the poster and the trailer. Riley said he wants to help with that as well.
      • Aaron rigged the Troll and will be fixing some skinning issues and plans to animate him this week.
      • Ben fixed the tree issue he was having and modeled a well. He also started working on the longhouses and plans for the level to be complete by this weekend.
      • Gabby is finishing the dialogue system and plans to be done for Friday.
      • Dmitri got customer randomization working and put in some UI stuff but it isn’t done so he plans to finish that. He wants to get the new arenas put into the game.
      • Jed has been rewriting dialogue and plans to make everything more linear as he’s going along.
      • Dennis touched up dialogue and is planning to do the draft of the reel.
    • I then brought up Accepted Students Day and asked for people to sign up who want to showcase the game to accepted students. Ben, John, and Tony agreed to go. The rest of the team will have the work meeting as usual, just with the location changed.
    • We then discussed the trailer again and how rough audio will be needed. John thinks it can be done in time.
    • The Designers then asked Dmitri about the map plane and how it can be used. They also needed a mercurial refresher on how to accurately commit stuff among other things.
    • Dmitri then wanted to remind the Designers that they can add content in.
    • He then also asked on what is being done with the suppliers. John said the plan was just to leave them as is. Dmitri suggested changing the dialogue box to match the same dialogue in the shop.
    • We then discussed audio as we need music and sound effects. Sid has been slow in responding to messages so we are considering cutting him. Dan said that he knows where to find some good free sound assets, but we will ask our professor on Friday if we can license music and how to do it.
    • We then brought up team names again since we’ve been wanting to change our name as Capstone Crusaders doesn’t fit since we’re not in Capstone anymore.
    • Since the Alpha milestone is this week, we went through the checklist of requirements, everything is either done or in the process of being done.
  • We then had our class on Friday, followed by our Full Group Meeting/Accepted Students Day on Saturday, April 1st, 2017…
    • Aaron, Ben, John, Tony, and Dmitri showcased our game at Accepted Students Day during the course of this meeting, so they missed the first hour, but showed up afterward.
    • For the ones here, it was a work meeting and Dillon Deloge also appeared to film and get footage of us for use in our team reel…
    • I spent the time organizing tasks and moving ones over to the next Sprint.
    • Amanda continued working on the UI.
    • Dennis worked on narrative and the map.
    • Dan worked on his blog and the troll.
    • Tony worked on narrative revisions.
    • Dmitri worked really late last night so he just looked good for the camera as we were being filmed.
    • John worked on cutting down the script for our team reel since the first draft of it was over the required time limit.
    • Aaron had to fix the rig to the Troll.
    • Ben continued working on the level for the final boss encounter.
    • Jed continued working on the generic customers.
  • Everything seems to be coming along…once the dialogue system is in…I feel like it is smooth sailing since that is basically the thing that everyone is waiting on. The blog for the week of April 9th will be posted shortly after this one so I can be caught up.

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