Progress Report – Week 10

Spring Break is over now it’s back to working endlessly for another month. Updates for the week…

  • Designer Meeting on Monday, March 20th, 2017…
    • Talked about what they did over the break.
      • John worked on progression system, expects to be done on Friday
      • Jed and Riley worked on implementing dialogue into text files
    • John told the team about talking with Dmitri over break and the dialogue system’s progress.
    • Went over the timeline for the next 6 weeks
    • John asked narrative writers how many interactions there are total, 63 total interactions need to be implemented.
    • Discussed team trailer filming for the senior show.
  • Artist Work Meeting on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017…
    • Amanda worked on the Dark Elf Model.
    • Aaron worked on the Troll Rig.
    • Ben showed up late but upon arrival, he worked on environment assets and vertex painting the tree leaves.
  • Programmer Meeting on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017…
    • They discussed what was worked on over break…
      • Dan was fixing broken animations.
      • Dmitri debugged adventurers and started adventurer UI.
      • Gabby focused on projects for other classes.
    • They then made a list of what still needed to be done which included…
      • Animation Implementation
      • Progression System
      • UI polish
      • 5-min idle screen
      • Better save data
      • 3D map
      • Hooking up new bosses/maps
      • Changes to top-down character
      • Suppliers and Drifters
      • Cutscene implementation
      • and Options Menu
  • Full Group Discussion Meeting on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017…
    • We started with a quick Scrum…
      • Tony finished writing his last character.
      • Jed finished his characters today.
      • Riley started putting dialogue into text files.
      • Dmitri worked on debugging and tried getting new adventurer UI working and modified success chance. He plans to implement everything else that needs to be in and making sure it all works together.
      • Dennis is still working on dialogue for his characters and has been talking to someone for our game trailer.
      • John worked on prototyping the progression system and is having good progress with it. Now he’s making it as streamlined as he can so he can hand it off to the Programmers.
      • Ben didn’t get much done but worked on small props and trees and vertex painted. He had a big portfolio assignment due tomorrow, so after that, he is going to start chugging along with the environments.
      • Aaron completed villager models and are ready to be implemented. He plans to rig the troll and animate him soon.
      • Dan fixed a bug with the worm and should be in by Friday.
      • Gabby didn’t get a chance to work on production.
      • Amanda polished the troll and finished the mesh. She has now started on the dark elf, Alfar.
    • The Designers brought up how there are 63 character interactions in total and so they asked Gabby if she could show them how to connect text files to the dialogue system so she can work on more important tasks while they can work on this.
    • They then wanted to check-in with Dan on the worm boss and if it’s ready to implement…which Dan answered in his scrum by saying it should be in by Friday.
    • They then asked Dmitri about the map. Dmitri said that it would be time-consuming to make it 3D because you have to do that, and make sure everything works as well.
    • John then suggested the next Designer meeting be a work meeting to work on the map and get the text files into the dialogue system.
    • The team was then reminded that there are only 4 or so weeks left until the final version of our game has to be completed.
    • We then discussed the poster as it is more of an infographic and not a movie-type poster. The Designers decided to take on this task.
    • We discussed our polish stage, which is coming up. One of the main things we want to polish are the menus and the balancing of items.
    • Jed then brought up QA and that we need to go this week to test our dialogue prototype.
    • Amanda then brought up a big issue that there may not be enough time to get Alfar in because she still has to finish concepting/modeling it and then Aaron has to rig and animate it. We can’t really cut it unless the dialogue is re-written since the ending revolves around him. Ben suggested re-using The Grand Master’s model and rig to use for Alfar. Dmitri then said the AI would still need to be done for it.
    • There was then a suggestion for the final boss to be the Worm and Troll at the same time. There would then be the issue of the two bosses popping up on top of each other, in which a solution was made to have it be on the ocean shore with the Worm being a Sea Serpent that stays in the water, while the Troll stays on the land.
    • Narrative-wise, the dialogue needs to be rewritten to replace Alfar with a reason for having to fight them both at the same time.
    • Amanda who was going to work on Alfar, will now spend time working more on UI and then will move onto re-skinning.
    • Jed then asked if we still want to have a dialogue wheel. John suggested to hold off for now and if there’s enough time in polish then we can add it.
    • The player’s stamina in the boss fights were discussed. The suggestions were one dash and 2-second cooldown, 3 consecutive dashes with 6-second cooldown, etc. Right now, the player can dash infinitely and players prefer that over normal moving.
  • We then had class on Friday, March 24th, 2017 in which our professor was absent due to falling ill…we spent the class working.
  • The week was then concluded with our Full Group Work Meeting on Saturday, March 25th, 2017…
    • I updated the general Business doc, and discussed the release timeline with John since the timeline starts today. I also created the square branding image that Steam requires.
    • The Art Department worked on UI and animating customers. Ben, despite not being present, worked on environments from home.
    • The Design Department continued character interactions/dialogue.
    • Dennis brought in somebody who can help shoot the video for our game reel and discussed plans with him.
    • The Programming Department worked on hit detection and response dialogue.
  • It sucks that we had to cut some more…(specifically Alfar) but this did lift some of the weight off our shoulders since there is only 4 weeks or so left. So much to do, so little time, but now we’re not as worried after these cuts…we are still a little worried though, as everyone should be, but if we build it…they will come! Stay tuned for updates!

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