Progress Report – Week 9

  • Very short post this week as we were on spring break. Just about everyone worked on their respective tasks during their free time.
  • A few of us did stay on or near campus during the break so we met up on Saturday, March 18th, 2017 for a work meeting. Those in attendance were Jed, John, Riley, and myself.
    • Prior to the meeting I worked on our game’s page for the school’s Senior Recruitment Book. A part of this included a brief description of our game. At the meeting I looked this over with John to finalize it.
    • John worked on the Progression System prototype and plans to hand it off to the Programmers soon.
    • Riley worked on adding dialogue to the text files.
    • Jed updated the dialogue for his assigned characters.
  • Now that spring break is over it’s time to get back on track and see where we’re at this next week. Hopefully we’ll be in a good position or else we’re going to have to cut a lot more stuff, especially since we’re having our feature lock soon.
  • Other than this, there wasn’t much else as everyone enjoyed as much of the break as they could. Stay tuned for updates!

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