Progress Report – Week 8

Updates for the week…

  • Designer Meeting on Monday, March 6th, 2017…
    • Dennis finished quests and started working on Caizan dialogue
    • Tony has finished his Drifter dialogue and will be working on customer dialogue and hope to get customer dialogue done tomorrow.
    • Jed tried to put in the customer dialogue in the text files and has been finishing up his customer dialogue, he does need to work on one more however.
    • Riley finished updating Dialogue doc, will be working on 2 more level block outs, and will help with implementing dialogue.
    • John has completed Combat Mechanic doc and plans to create a time table for Progression System implementation and wants to create a Social Media campaign.
    • Asked about Sid and audio situation, Dennis mentioned talking to an audio designer at GDC might be worth sending him an email.
    • Discussed best use of time for implementing features.
    • Did narrative read through.
  • Artist Check-In on Monday, March 6th, 2017…
    • They had a brief discussion on what they all planned to accomplish this week.
      • Aaron is going to continue working on the villagers.
      • Amanda is going to continue working on the boar/troll.
      • Ben is going to continue working on boss arena environments
  • Artist Work Meeting on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 (in which I attended)…
    • Aaron continued work on the villagers.
    • Amanda continued modeling of the Troll.
    • Ben worked on UV’ing and roughing-out the level blockouts so he can build them all up at once.
    • I setup a Facebook page for our game which can be found at
  • Programmer Meeting on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017…
    • They created a timetable for things that need to get done which included…
      • Dialogue and Customer System Integration
      • Boss fights
      • Implementation of animations
      • Adventurer system
      • Tutorial
      • Progression System (which may be cut depending on how much is done at the end of this sprint)
  • Full Group Discussion Meeting on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017…
    • Quick scrum…
      • I started a Facebook page and might start an Instagram as well. I still hasn’t heard back from Jonna.
      • Riley finished the ice troll level blockout and is working on the armored troll. He also updated the dialogue doc.
      • Gabby has been focusing on other projects.
      • Dmitri worked on Aaron’s skeleton, so now there’s skeletal meshes for the villagers. He also worked on UI and plans to implement worm animations.
      • John has been reading through the dialogue and plans to meet with the leads to create a timetable from now until feature lock.
      • Dan worked on the obvious worm and still has to fix some bugs. He had a concern that the fight is too easy.
      • Aaron worked on the villagers and hopes to finish it this week. After that he will animate the troll.
      • Ben fixed the UV’s on the shop and still needs to get it into mercurial. He just UV’d a boss arena and did rough blockouts on the village.
      • Amanda has been working on the Troll and is almost done. It still needs vertex painting and putting on fur.
      • Tony worked on dialogue for the recurring characters and finished them.
      • Jed started transferring the dialogue into text files.
      • Dennis focused on other classes.
    • Aaron wanted to talk about the armored troll and wanted to know its intelligence. Riley said he wouldn’t be very intelligent. He also mentioned that since it’s armored he has to make new assets and then the Programmers have to add the logic to it. Aaron suggested we should cut it so time can be spent elsewhere so the team agreed to cut the armored troll.
    • Ben then asked Riley which levels he made has higher priority over others. The tutorial one is first priority, then the Mountain Troll, then the Lava Worm, then Elf, then Ice Worm.
    • The Designers wanted Gabby to show them a text file walkthrough. Gabby said it’s just making folders and naming them.
    • They then asked if there was any progress on the connection between dialogue and the UI. Dmitri was able to break it. Gabby can’t figure out why it crashes despite trying several different methods. They are getting closer to finding a solution though.
    • They then asked Dan how the worm mechanics/implementation is coming along. He mentioned how the worm broke when it touched the player so he is trying to fix that among various other little bugs.
    • John wanted to ask Aaron and Amanda if the troll should have a club. They then discussed having a tree trunk as his weapon instead of a club.
    • John then also wanted to confirm the haggling mechanic placement. He asked whether it appears before or after the dialogue options. Gabby said after because you have to pitch the item and then sell it essentially.
    • Jed was then worried if anything dialogue wise could be visually in, which again, it can’t. John said they were going to make a Twine involving the dialogue to test at QA.
    • Dmitri then asked the Designers if they can work on the Progression System because the Programmers don’t have much time to work on that or else it would most likely have to be cut. In addition to this, he also mentioned other work Designers can do if they need stuff is to work on the main menu and options menu.
  • We then had our class on Friday, March 10th, 2017. Dmitri was able to figure out why the spawning of a customer kept crashing the game. It was because the customer was being called without any instantiation. Despite this, it still couldn’t get the dialogue for that specific customer but could get it for the rest of them.
  • That was the end of our week as there was no work meeting the next day (Saturday) due to the start of spring break! Yay!! It’s not too much of a break as most of our team will still be working on our game throughout the week. We’ve determined that this break is really the “make or break” for us because if we don’t get everything in that is planned to be in this week then we’re going to have to cut even more features and we really don’t want to cut any more than we already have.
  • Most of the team is also staying up here for the break so the ones that are here are going to try and meet up sometime in the week for a work meeting. Other than that next week’s post will probably be pretty short since there won’t be any other meetings. We’re still in good shape as of now, despite being slightly behind schedule but as stated before, everything hinges on what’s done during this next week. Stay tuned for updates!

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