Progress Report – Week 7

Updates for the week…

  • Designer Meeting on Monday, February 27th, 2017…
    • John has been working on the progression doc, and planning on working on updating the adventurer doc.
    • Dennis has been working on UI fonts, Reel storyboarding, and dialogue.
    • Tony has been writing supplier dialogue and item dialogue and placement in shops/tiers.
    • Jed worked on generic customer dialogue, as well as Desna, Ragnar, and Ereka’s first meetings. He plans on getting more openings and interactions done.
    • Riley finished up the level blockouts and updated some to fix bugs.
    • They talked about 3D map implementation
    • Discussed Sid’s audio clip
    • Agreed on Saturday for testing
    • Planned on getting Tutorial in for next sprint.
  • Artist Check-In also on February 27th…
    • They met through Discord and discussed what they wanted to complete by Wednesday night.
    • Ben is to complete the first pass at the worm pit boss environment.
    • Aaron is going to work on more worm animations.
    • Amanda is to start the troll boss modeling.
  • Artist Work Meeting on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017…
    • Amanda worked on modeling the troll boss.
    • Aaron worked on some more villager models.
    • Ben (who showed up late) worked on the worm pit environment
  • Programmer Meeting also on March 1st (which I attended)…
    • Dmitri talked to the Designers saying that they should add more clarification to documents. It has lead to miscommunication among the Programmers.
    • Gabby expressed concern with the Designers stating that they haven’t really worked on systems, as well as they misunderstood her question about the dialogue system, which was whether or not the dialogue was specific to the item or if it was generic.
    • We then looked at Gabby’s drawing of how she interpreted the system while she explained it. She suggests that the Designers should go generic with the dialogue.
    • Gabby also started on The Grand Master’s responses.
    • We then drew a sketch for a new possible layout for the text responses, where they’re all stacked on top of each other, instead of having 4 blocks, since Jed in an earlier meeting mentioned the 4-box method might be too small to fit all of the text.
    • We then drew a diagram of the flow of the dialogue/trust system, which goes through the process of talking to the customer and selling to them. Choosing the item they’re looking for creates a positive response and vice-versa. Then if the item is right, you have the 4 dialogue options, each that can leave a positive/negative response and can increase/decrease customer trust and chance of making a sale.
    • Gabby then said that if the player chooses negative, she is not sure which route it goes after that. The 2 options are it brings the 4 choices up again, or it creates a new set of dialogue options, giving the player another chance to choose a positive option with both ways, but the 2nd way also increases the negative chance.
    • She then also suggested the possibility of increasing difficulty by having the range of trust go from -1 to 1 instead of 0 to 1.
    • We then asked Dan how the worm is coming along. Right now, it kills the player if they get close so he’s trying to fix that to where it only happens during the pop up animation.
    • For behaviors, Dan says it’s been going great and sees no problem with it being in on Friday.
  • We then had our big Full Group Discussion also on March 1st…
    • Sid, our sound guy attended as well. Dennis was absent due to being at GDC.
    • We started with a quick Scrum…
      • Tony worked on items and what tier they should belong to based on the progression system.
      • Jed worked on generic customers and plans on finishing middle interactions.
      • Gabby worked on dialogue system implementation.
      • Riley continued level design and had some bugs, but should be fixed now. He plans on making 3 more levels. He also suggested having the levels change up.
      • John finished the progression system doc and now needs the tools from the Programmers so he can go into the build. He then mentioned that Dennis has been working on introductions to his characters and is working on a sound effect list.
      • Ben worked on the first boss level and plans to have a first pass in build tonight.
      • Aaron worked on animations for the worm. He has several finished and is ready to be put in the game. He plans to either continue the villagers or animation The Grand Master.
      • Dan worked on worm damage and still needs to fix it but other than that and putting animations on it, it is almost done.
      • Dmitri added Amanda’s art to the wheel and tweaked the top-down character so it follows the mouse. He plans on doing system integration.
      • Amanda finished the textures and shading for the UI and started working on the Troll.
    • The Designers clarified with Gabby that what she made for the dialogue system is what the Designers were looking for.
    • She then mentioned to the Designers that she needs clear documentation for the dialogue, as all of them are outdated.
    • She then also explained how exactly the system works to the Designers so everyone was on the same page. She then asked the question of the 2 choices were it brings up the same dialogue or if it brings up new dialogue. John suggested keeping the same dialogue.
    • Another question Gabby had is if the customers should have the same intro dialogue, which the Designers agreed that would be easier.
    • She then asked the question about the slider bar and what the max on it should be. Right now it increases to 100% more than the base price. John suggested going up to 200%.
    • She then also asked the trust question on if it should go from -1 to 1 instead of 0 to 1 (which would increase difficulty). John thinks we should switch to the -1 to 1 scale.
    • Jed had a question if it was possible to add branches to the dialogue for recurring customers. Gabby already wrote the functions but said that he could.
    • We then talked with Sid and he made three songs that are up on Slack. He thought 1 would be good for the shop and the second one would be for the boss battle. The 3rd one is just something he had composed and thought it could be used if necessary.
    • I was then asked about a minor audio task Dennis assigned me. Dennis had showed me an ancient Swedish herding call video and I got the singer’s contact information in case we want to see if it has royalty-free use. I also found a website with royalty-free sound effects that contain those ancient Swedish sounds.
    • We made and sent Dennis GIFs so he could show our game to people he talks to at GDC.
    • The Programmers in addition to everything Gabby said earlier also wanted the system docs from the Designers to be more specific because they were getting confused on what was actually planned for the game.
    • We then talked about player experience in the boss battles. John said we could get rid of the super attack if necessary. Aaron is changing the basic attack animation. Riley suggests keeping the boss battle simple. John suggested adding an effect where the worm can dive down onto an object in the arena that is used for cover to where it is destroyed, and the player can no longer use it for cover.
    • There was some uncertainty in whether or not the lava worm is supposed to have a flame breath or fireball attack. We decided to go with Fireball.
  • We then had our class on Friday, March 3rd, 2017, which was the last day of our sprint (Sprint 7). During the producer meeting at the start of class, we were just discussing team concerns. Unfortunately I guess because of that and the way I had phrased it, it made my professor extremely worried about our game…but then after meeting with our whole team as usual afterward, he was relieved to know it wasn’t as bad as I had made it sound.
  • Sprint 8 was then started the next day on Saturday, March 4th, 2017, in which we had our Full Group Work Meeting…
    • Sid showed up to talk sounds with John.
    • I worked on moving necessary tasks over to the next sprint and closing ones that were completed. I also contacted Jonna Jinton (the person who made the Swedish herding call video Dennis had shown me earlier) for possible royalty-free use of songs she has created that uses Kulning, (the official name of said ancient Swedish herding call) to put into the game.
    • The Art Department continued modeling of the Troll and the UV’s for the shop.
    • The Design Department in addition to talking sounds with Sid, worked on tweaking the dialogue system doc and the dialogue scripts.
    • The Programming Department worked on integrating systems to get it more visual.
  • Whew, so much stuff is happening all at once and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t overwhelming trying to keep up with all of it. Being the only producer on the biggest team, my weaknesses are definitely starting to come out more and more but I’m trying my best to adapt as needed. I’ve been told I never give myself much credit so maybe I’m over-exaggerating. Anyway, regardless of that, I think a lot of progress is being made and if our professor feels less worried then I feel less worried too.

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