Progress Report – Week 6

Updates for the week…

  • Designer Meeting on Monday, February 20th, 2017 (which I attended)
    • We started the meeting with a quick Scrum…
      • John didn’t have too much to do this week so he offered his help to anyone who needed it, and planned to do the same with Artists.
      • Riley finished up the level design for the bosses.
      • Jed and Tony finished up the tutorial. Jed now plans on making dialogue for the generic customers.
      • Dennis finished all of the side quests and behind-the-scenes like an emote list for Aaron. He also looked into other font styles.
    • We then looked at the QA feedback from Saturday…
      • When asked if the UI was clear enough, every tester except one said it was pretty clear and easy to understand. The one tester who felt otherwise said that they didn’t fully understand the turn mechanic or what day it was.
      • When asked if anything was missing from the UI, testers suggested making it more eye-catching and that the placement was a little messy. Other people suggested a “Next Page” button on the intro since the only option is to skip the entire intro, as well as sorting the inventory by weapons, food, armor, etc.
      • When asked about the new isometric view on the shop, most the testers liked it, but some thought the shop was too empty and one didn’t like the floating camera.
      • Finally, when asked for other thoughts on the game, someone pointed out that the spear goes crazy when aimed in a certain direction. Someone else pointed out that 5 characters in a row asked for the same thing and the tester didn’t have that item in their inventory, and lastly, someone else wants to see more development with the narrative.
    • For our Full Group Meeting on Wednesday, they wanted to bring up a suggestion to have the boss arena randomized so the testers can see the new arena blockouts Riley have worked on as well as the dialogue system.
  • Artist Check-In also on Monday, February 20th, 2017…
    • Amanda and Ben showed what they worked on in the work meeting on Saturday (Amanda showed the UI, Ben showed the shop environment). Aaron showed the work he did since Saturday (character skin weighting and rigging).
    • They also discussed plans for what they wanted to accomplish this week.
  • Artist Work Meeting on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017…
    • Aaron worked on the female villager.
    • Amanda continued work on the hand-painted wood texture for the UI.
    • Ben did not attend due to being sick.
  • Programmer Meeting on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017…
    • They discussed what has been worked on…
      • Dan set up the worm flavor, where it can pop up from the ground and hit the player. He planned to get this in by Friday. If so, he would start on the next worm variety.
      • Gabby added the characters to the array, and made the manager actually manage customers. After this there have been no more engine crashes. She planned to have this finished by Friday as well as having the customer system moved completely over to her new framework. Then she will move on to the dialogue system.
      • Dmitri worked on the new UI assets, asset implementation, and helping with the art pipeline. Once done, he plans to start implementation of the adventurer system.
  • Full Group Discussion Meeting on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017…
    • We started the meeting with a quick Scrum…
      • I started a rough timeline for the release of the game. I had to do 2 different ones (one for Steam Greenlight, one for Steam Direct) since Direct launches and Greenlight closes around the same time the game plans to be released. Jed suggested if Greenlight closes, and Direct is too expensive, that we could look into releasing it onto
      • Dan had been working on other classes mainly but he had the 2nd worm flavor set up and working. He planned to implement that by Friday.
      • Aaron had been working on villagers and is getting close to being done.
      • Dmitri worked on implementing new UI, adding the turn wheel and fixing bugs with it. He plans to get more assets implemented like the new shop.
      • Riley finished the blockouts for the boss arenas and is pretty light at the moment.
      • John has been light as well but started a document for the progression system.
      • Dennis made a list of assets involving sound. He also made a storyboard for a gameplay reel, researched more fonts, and worked on generic customer dialogue. He will be absent next week due to attending GDC, but plans to get some stuff done during his downtime.
      • Gabby worked on getting the customer system in and fixed a lot of bugs.
      • Tony focused mainly on other classes but is going to work with Dennis and Jed on generic customer dialogue.
      • Jed finished the tutorial with Tony. He also worked a little bit on generic customer dialogue.
      • Amanda worked on hand-painted wood textures and showed them off. She also showed off the placeholder UI textures. She also threw out more ideas like stone borders, etc.
      • Ben didn’t attend due to being sick (as mentioned earlier).
    • For Design, John brought up the possibility of the boss arena being randomized to show off the new blockouts that Riley had worked on. Dmitri said it shouldn’t be too hard to do.
    • For Programming, Dmitri had some workload concerns due to having mid-term projects due right before spring break. The Programmers made a plan for the next two weeks in which one worm variation and the customer system would be in this week, and the 2nd worm variation and dialogue system would be in next week.
    • Dmitri also expressed concern for the adventuring system. It needs lots of development but is not an important system, so more time could be focused on the boss battles and the merchant system. He thinks to keep it in, it needs more Designer intervention. They could work on some of it so Dmitri could focus on the other systems.
    • Jed suggested for the adventuring system that you could keep the same modular format as the other villagers but give them appropriate armor and an appropriate head. Aaron then said that wouldn’t work because he’d still have to make the armor and the head.
    • The only option left is to scale back the system, but the only thing that could probably be scaled back is the visuals.
    • Amanda, John, and Dmitri then discussed UI. Dmitri and John suggested having a first draft of sorts, with the hand-painted texture and get that implemented so she can move on to sketching the troll.
    • Jed then mentioned the tutorial since it involves the troll. Once the troll is in the tutorial it can then be put into the game.
    • John then said that the Tundra Worm needed to be in by the end of this sprint, then the next sprint would be focused on the troll.
    • Dmitri then wanted clarification on the top down player character and asked if weapon swapping was still planned. John suggested keeping it as is because of time, but suggested adding a super attack.
  • By the time our class rolled around on Friday, February 24th, 2017, we were able to get the updated turn wheel, the new shop and its assets, and the new boss arenas in. Our professor thought a lot of progress has been made, so hopefully that meant we are finally back in his good graces!
  • The week was concluded with our Full Group Work Meeting on Saturday, February 25th, 2017…
    • I finished the release timelines for the game prior to the meeting, and shared them with the team.
    • The Art Department worked on UI and the worm pit.
    • The Design Department worked on arena blockouts, UI, dialogue scripts, and a storyboard for our reel.
    • The Programming Department worked on fixing some bugs and starting on the last worm flavor.
  • So far things are looking a lot better than they were the last two weeks, which is good! Morale does seem a little low at the moment though, so the leads and I discussed how we could possibly boost it. This story is getting good! What will happen on the next episode?! Will the team run into more obstacles? Will morale continue to fall or will the leads find a solution? Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Find out next week on AJ-TV!

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