Progress Report – Week 5

Updates for the week…

  • There was an Artist Check-In on Monday, February 13th, 2017. They discussed their plans for the week. Aaron would continue working on the Grand Master’s rig, Amanda would be working on User Interface, and Ben would be working on the shop interior environment.
  • The same day there was a Designer Meeting…
    • John worked on UI tests
    • Jed worked on character writing and dialogue systems
    • Riley worked on Level Block outs
    • Dennis and Tony worked on Character writing
    • Discussed the issue with the trust mechanic for dialogue system
    • Decided to have the traits be randomly generated for randomly generated customers, but for recurring customers the trust stat will be hard set by Designers and will increase or decrease a certain amounts that Designers choose.
    • Talked about changing turns from numerical turns to hours of the day or time of day.
    • Discussed creating a google sheet for an items list for price and adventurer stats.
    • For the Full Group Meeting on Wednesday, they wanted to talk to Gabby about the personality system and finalize the trust mechanic, as well as the suggestion of switching the turns to hours of the day.
  • There was an Artist Work Meeting on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 in which I was in attendance for. Amanda worked on UI, Ben worked on the shop environment, and Aaron continued rigging. I ended up working on a SWOT Analysis.
  • There was also a Programmer Meeting at the same time, but I’m not entirely sure of the details that was discussed, but our Full Group Meeting was right after this.
  • As just mentioned, there was then a Full Group Meeting that followed the two previously mentioned meetings…
    • We stared the meeting with a quick Scrum.
      • Tony worked on dialogue with Jed. Jed also worked on dialogue for two other characters.
      • Riley continued level design blockouts and finished the tutorial level. He plans on moving to the mountain troll arena.
      • Dan is finishing up worm architecture.
      • Ben worked on shop environment is planned to finish modeling it today. He plans to vertex paint next.
      • Dennis has been planning and organizing the dialogue with Tony and Jed. He also made an item asset list.
      • John made a blueprint for the new UI layout and plans to implement it with Dmitri after the meeting.
      • Aaron has been rigging and is almost done with The Grand Master. He started rigging the Tundra Worm.
      • Dmitri worked on re-doing some adventurer data. He added The Grand Master and villager models to the game in addition to some camera shaking. He plans to work with John on UI implementation as well as data-driven quests.
      • Gabby worked on the customer system and plans to have it done Friday. She plans to tackle the dialogue system next.
      • Amanda is working on UI to make it more diagetic (but not completely). She is testing out different textures.
      • I continued organization and did a SWOT Analysis.
    • After the Designers wanted to talk to Gabby about the personality system and trust mechanic. Riley suggested changing some of the dialogue options to remove the generosity and trust options directly. Riley will update the design doc soon to reflect that.
    • The Designers also suggested instead of having a set number of turns a day, to use the sun to show the player the time of day. The turns are still there in a sense, but it is reflected on where the sun is in the sky.
    • The team liked this suggestion, but Ben wondered how the sun would transition each turn (will it be at the beginning/ending of a turn). Dmitri suggested it would smoothly move across the sky after each turn.
    • John then mentioned that as cool as this is, it probably needs to be put on the back burner for now.
    • The Programmers wanted to get some clarification from the Designers on the personality system and that there is still some uncertainty on the player character. John said the Designers can create a doc for that in their Designer Meeting.
    • The Artists then showed an updated mini-presentation with pictures of the work they have done.
    • We then talked about fonts for the UI. Something that would be cool is since the UI is planning to have wood textures in it, having the words singed into the wood would look nice, but decided that would be a stretch goal.
    • Riley had questions about what other types of arenas can be blocked out that Ben could make.
    • I then mentioned to the leads about the Sprint Review Reports since this week is the end of the sprint.
  • We then had our class on Friday, February 17th, 2017. New additions to the build that we were able to add in time were The Grand Master and villager models with idle animations for the former, part of our new UI, and camera shake. It still wasn’t enough to get back into our professor’s good graces but we’re in a better position than we were.
  • We then had a Full Group Work Meeting on Saturday, February 18th, 2017…
    • I worked on organization; moving all in progress tasks to Sprint 7, making tasks for the side quests, and closing tasks that are complete, etc. and started a timeline for releasing our game on Steam Greenlight or Steam Direct (depending on when Direct is launched in conjunction with when we finish the game).
    • The Art Department worked on making a prototype of the new UI, continued rigging of the worm/villagers, and modeling/painting of the shop interior.
    • The Design Department started block outs of the boss arena for Alfar, finished the Sprint Review Report, and talked about the dialogue system with Gabby because it needed to be tweaked.
    • The Programming Department worked on implementing the new UI and fixing the bug that causes the game to crash at the boss battle, but mercurial is acting up so they’re trying to fix that as well.
  • That night, we brought the build to QA to test the new UI, and that’s it for the week! Stay tuned for updates!

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