Progress Report – Week 4

Hey all! I’m back to inform the millions (and Millions!) AND MILLIONS of The Grand Master’s fans on what happened this week so here are the updates…

  • Designer Meeting on Monday, February 6th, 2017…
    • It was a quick check in and scrum
    • John submitted Adventurer Doc and will be working on rough pass of new UI
    • Riley submitted Boss Mechanics list and is working on block outs of boss arenas
    • Tony is working on Adventurer Quests and selected a character to write about
    • Dennis finished updating the UI Doc, and selected a character to write about
    • Jed prototyped a dialogue system, and selected a character to write about
    • Talked about team cohesion and dynamic
    • Jed, Tony, and Dennis divided up the characters to write about
    • All Designers talked about what sound effects they could possibly make
    • Riley agreed to start a block out of the tutorial boss fight at the supplier’s shop
    • Riley and John discussed the Progression System, and will talk more on a Saturday Meeting in the future
    • They had nothing to bring up to the team in the Full Group Meeting on Wednesday
  • Simultaneously there was a quick Artist check-in…
    • They discussed what they had been working on. Aaron showed the vertex painted Grand Master character and Ben showed some modular environment pieces he made.
    • They confirmed their Wednesday meeting time and place as well.
  • Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 had the Artist Work Meeting…
    • They discussed possible Color Palettes
    • Worked on individual work (Aaron worked on rigs, Amanda worked on the Worm, Ben worked on modular environment assets)
    • Lastly, they considered putting together an art calendar
  • Simultaneously there was a Programmer Meeting (of which I attended)…
    • Dan couldn’t make it because he was sick.
    • Gabby and Dmitri checked-in with each other. Gabby worked for about 4 hours figuring out Unreal. She was looking at blueprints on how to make different fields. The end goal for this Sprint is to get the new dialogue system in.
    • Dan’s Sprint goal is to get the Tundra Worm in.
    • Dmitri reviewed the Designer docs to get an idea for what they want. He also helped Jed edit the narrative by adding feedback comments to the narrative doc. He plans to fiddle around with the build soon.
    • They don’t really have anything to bring up for the Full Group Meeting aside from questions about making sure everyone is on track with what the rest of the team is doing.
  • Following the conclusion of these two meetings, we had our Full Group Discussion…
    • We started the meeting with a quick scrum…the Artists made a little presentation to show the team. Aaron showed the color palette they’ve decided on which uses blues, yellows, and browns. The rig of The Grand Master was shown.
    • Ben showed off his environment pieces for the boss arena. There are some bad seams at the moment, but he is working on the corner pieces. He also showed other pieces that involve what looks like waterfalls, which he plans to make look more like ice later.
    • Amanda showed off her progress on the model for the Tundra Worm which is pretty much complete, and now she is coloring it up.
    • John suggested that the spikes on the worm’s back be more like a spine instead of it being all disarrayed. Most of the team prefer the disarray. He also suggested that if eyes were added, it should have three eyes.
    • Dmitri suggested shortening the spikes since he felt they were a little too long.
    • Aaron talked to Walpole about the villagers, and he suggested binding them and removing a piece of their geometry each time so we can have many villagers, and asked the Programmers if that could be possible. Dmitri after some thinking, decided it’s worth a shot.
    • For the future, Aaron will be finishing the rig, Amanda will move on to concepting the Troll, and Ben will be working more with environments and creating more objects.
    • For Designers, John finished the Adventurer Doc and put it on the Wiki.
    • Dennis updated the UI doc and is working on the dialogue for his characters.
    • Jed started writing dialogue for Tym (one of the Adventurers in our game). He had concern about Riley’s dialogue system where the buttons are too small to fit a lot of dialogue in them. Gabby suggested a dial with multiple conversation lines, and the player spins the dial to select which conversation option they want to choose.
    • Tony started writing dialogue for his assigned character.
    • Riley started the creation of the Lava Worm arena. He passed that of to Ben to see if he liked it. He has been also working on the tutorial boss area with John. He plans to work on the other boss arenas once these are completed.
    • Dmitri worked on reviewing docs and decided to make a plan for how they will get done. He’s still planning on moving everything to mercurial. He plans on working on the adventurer system and making it logical.
    • Gabby worked on customers.
    • Dan was absent due to being sick, but mentioned previously on Slack that he worked on bullets and is not sure whether or not to use a Nav Mesh, but is leaning away from it.
    • I worked on updating the Business Doc and pushed it out right at the end of Sprint 5. I plan on starting a new doc, but I’m currently unsure on which one to do at the moment.
    • Dmitri suggested a feature-lock in right after Spring Break so time can be spent to polish everything that is in the game at that present time.
    • John then mentioned that downtime can give the Designers availability to focus on sound effects.
  • We then had our class on Friday, February 10th, 2017. We updated the other team in our class about the work we’ve been doing and vice-versa. Even though the team was feeling good (as well as myself)…I knew it was too good to be true. Our professor told us he was worried and that we’re running of time. This was because there hasn’t been much added to the build since the semester started (but this is because most of the work that was being done is back-end.) and he expected our new UI layout to be in the game already, which it isn’t, but is planned to be in before the next class (February 17th). He then stated (to both us and the other team) that from now on he is requiring us to have something new in the build to show off every week.
  • Following all of this, I and the leads had a quick meeting in the hallway where we laid down things that could possibly get put in the game by next class. This included stuff like the new UI, the personality/dialogue system, and The Grand Master himself.
  • We then had our Full Group Work Meeting the following day on Saturday, February 11th, 2017…
    • The Art Department worked on attaching the skeleton to the mesh of The Grand Master, adding new environment pieces to the shop and re-coloring the teeth of the Tundra Worm.
    • The Design Department worked on organizing the dialogue and working on the tutorial scene on the narrative end. Riley was sick and couldn’t make it, but continued block-outs of boss arenas from home. John worked on his blog and made a UI asset list.
    • The Programming Department worked on decision trees, A.I., and adventuring system logic.
    • I continued organizing the Wiki, and noted that the Mid-Term Milestone is due March 9th and wrote the requirements for it on the board so the team can see. I also wrote what still needed to be logged and looked more into 3D-printing so we can have figurines of The Grand Master on display.
  • Honestly most of the times in the work meeting I just walk around talking to everyone else seeing what they’re doing since I feel like (in terms of work) there’s not much tangible stuff for me to do aside from certain business docs (which aren’t even required this semester to my knowledge). I’m not very good at them either but I try to do them as best I can. Anyway, I was feeling good these last couple weeks until our professor mentioned that he was worried. I don’t feel too bad still since we’ve laid out multiple things that we can get put in the game next week so hopefully that all comes to fruition and we’ll be back in his good graces next week. Stay tuned for updates!

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