Individual Reflection (Postmortem)

Throughout the 2016 fall semester at Champlain College, being a part of the Capstone class has revealed to me how far I have come since freshman year. As a video game producer, I thought the road would be easy going into it, but I was dead wrong. Freshman year, I quickly found out I knew absolutely nothing about game development, despite me feeling like I did prior to my arrival on campus. As each year has gone by I have learned more and more on how the development process works, and what the role of the producer actually is. Where I am at today is what I feel to be a good position, as I have had team members tell me I am one of the best producers they have had and that I’m actually pretty good at the job! This took me by surprise at first since I tend to think pessimistically, and so with that, I apparently don’t give myself enough credit. At this point in senior year, I am finally accepting that I am at least decent at what I do.

I feel I got where I am today, by taking things that I’ve learned in my classes and applying them to the Capstone class. This was actually really difficult for me, because, even though I haven’t seen a professional to confirm this, but I’m pretty sure I have some sort of learning disability, as I constantly forget most information that is being taught to me. What little I have remembered (such as how to use Pineapple or basic parts of a Target Market) has helped me tremendously, but I feel I could be one of the best at this job if I could just remember everything I’m learning, and sadly that isn’t happening.

What I did this semester in Capstone was what producers usually do, and that’s the business side of the game, as well as organizing, which is my specialty. I spent most of my time organizing meetings and the Wiki, making sure everything was up to date and that tasks were properly managed and logged. I never really was the ‘leader’ of the team per se, as I never felt I lead the team, but I’ve never been much of a leader anyway. Despite this, the team felt I was really important, stating that they would be mostly unorganized if it wasn’t for me. In addition to this, I was also a comic relief to the team members. Now, while that isn’t important in terms of getting work done for class, I feel the team enjoyed the laughs especially during the stressful moments of the semester. That’s the main reason I like to provide comic relief in general, as I feel the world can be too serious at times, so despite my pessimistic thinking professionally, I like to make people laugh and put smiles on faces while thinking optimistically personally. (At least, optimistically personally to the public, but that’s a whole different story).

So, what does all of this mean? Why did I do the things I did this semester? Technically, it was because I had to in order to pass the class, but in a professional environment, I did all of the things I did (the work and comic relief) because I wasn’t in this project for myself. I belonged to a team and each team member had to pull their weight or else our game wouldn’t have gotten to the point where it is today. In addition to that, I’ve grown to really enjoy working with my fellow team members and I was ecstatic to find out all of our hard work paid off upon finding out our game was going forward to next semester. Even though I may not be the best professionally, the future is my hands, and I feel I can be a great contribution to any team in the professional world, even if I was hired solely to provide comic relief or on a more important scale, to just organize anything and/or everything, and when it comes to any job, even the ones outside of the video game industry, there will always be something that needs organizing and that’s why I feel my role and the role of a producer/organizer in general is very important anywhere in the world. We all make our own little mark on the world, and I’m currently on the journey of making mine.



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