Progress Report (Week 13 & 14 – Final Update)

Well, here I am, finally at the end of Capstone. Here is an update for the last two weeks…

  • We started the week with our final meeting before our presentation at the Winter Showcase. The meeting was on Sunday, November 20th, 2016. The meeting was started by looking at the QA feedback which are as follows…
    • When asked for thoughts on the art, we had unanimous positive feedback again. One tester suggested more details on the map.
    • We asked how well did the tutorial explain everything on a scale from 1 to 5 again. 46.4% voted 5, 35.7% voted 4, 17.9% voted 3, and 0 voted for 1 and 2.
    • When asked for any other thoughts on the tutorial, we had unanimous positive feedback saying it got the message across. Some raised a concern that the quest portion was still a little confusing.
    • When asked about the worm arc and whether they understood the connection between everything, it was still a little mixed, with some understanding pretty clearly, while others said it felt disconnected. A select few didn’t get far enough to make a comment.
    • When asked how they felt about the characters, most testers loved them and noticed differences in personalities. Some testers wanted to know more about the worm.
    • When asked for any other thoughts on the narrative, most testers didn’t have any because they liked it, but some said an ending cutscene should be added.
    • When asked how clear the UI and the font is, most testers loved the font and that it was easy to read, and that the UI was clear, but some thought the font was a little hard to read and thought some letters didn’t look capitalized even though they should be.
    • When asked for how long free-play should last before the next arc starts, it ranged from a couple of days to 8 weeks of in-game time.
    • When asked for any thoughts on the boss gameplay, some testers never made it to the boss, while others liked it. A suggestion was to lower the difficulty or the number of shards the worm shoots out.
    • When asked for any thoughts on the map, mostly everyone loved it. Some pointed out that one of the quests appeared behind part of the UI thus making it hard to click on.
    • When asked for any thoughts on the merchant gameplay, most testers liked it. Some suggestions included removing the price slider and instead being able to increase the price in certain increments, as well as having the customers do counteroffers.
    • When asked for thoughts on the audio, most testers couldn’t hear it due to the QA room being really loud, but the ones that did hear it loved it.
    • Finally, when asked if any bugs were found, someone found that the credits overlay if you didn’t close them before starting the game, and that another text box was overlaying after doing a quest.
  • Following this, the rest of the time was spent fixing bugs, making sure the build was as perfect as we could get it. Then, we spent a lot of time on the presentation, editing slides and doing several timed dry-runs to make sure we met the 10 minute time-limit. The first run went over 10 minutes, but after some editing and more attempts, we shortened it down to around 9 and a half minutes.
  • The following day in class, we did a dry-run of this presentation, and got some feedback. The majority of it was deemed to be good, except for one slide that needed changing, in which we removed it completely and replaced it with a different topic that was determined to be more important.
  • That night, we presented at the Winter Showcase and everything went really well!!
  • The following day was the demos for the faculty, which made me nervous on whether our game was going to move forward since it didn’t go as well as I had hoped…BUT later that night, after the decisions were made…our game was one of the ten picked to move forward! WE DID IT!!
  • The rest of the week was Thanksgiving break, in which we all took a well-deserved break. Upon returning, we spent trying to figure out who we specifically needed as the Free Agent Draft was coming up on Thursday, December 1st. We needed to know who we were drafting, and who other teams were drafting.
  • After some uncertainty with teams, members from each team met to have a pre-draft in which every pick was decided and compromised on. All we had to do was show up to the draft and stick with who we decided on.
  • Aside from the 4 free agents that wasn’t picked by anyone, the draft went extremely smooth as every team already had their picks laid out as I mentioned. We ended up getting most of the people we wanted. Our new additions are two artists, three designers, and two programmers. I contacted them following this welcoming them to the team and now as of this writing, a full group introductory meeting is planned where we’ll get to know each other and just hangout. There will be a postmortem post after this one, but other than that, this is the final update. What a crazy semester this has been!

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