Progress Report (Week 12)

Updates for the week…

  • We had a work meeting on Sunday, November 13th, 2016 in which we started off by looking at the QA feedback from the night before…
    • When asked if the U.I. was clear enough, everyone but one tester said ‘Yes.’ The one that said ‘No’ didn’t specify why. The main feedback given was that the tutorial didn’t mention the adventurers.
    • When asked for thoughts about the tutorial, just about everyone thought it definitely helped the player understand how to play the game, but mentioned clarity as it didn’t explain why they are doing what they’re doing. (This is because the narrative arc isn’t fully implemented yet).
    • When asked for thoughts on the art that is in the game so far, universal acclaim was given again, with every tester loving it. The 2D customers were still the only negative, but they’re also still placeholder until the updated characters are put in.
    • Finally, when asked for any other thoughts, some testers suggested better indicators of when the player takes damage from the worm, as well as having better balance between what the customer’s want.
  • Following this, I spent the rest of the meeting cleaning up the tasks on the Gantt chart and worked on the presentation. Aaron worked on polishing the shop interior. John worked on the presentation. Tony worked on his blog post, and Dmitri continued iterating the prototype and making sure everything was still working.
  • We called in an impromptu meeting on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 due to us having a meeting with Manley tomorrow to find out whether or not our petition to present at the Winter Showcase was successful.
    • We spent this meeting preparing for that meeting as well as iterating our presentation, such as adjusting the flow and where the trailer should be.
    • We also discussed how many people were going to talk as well as what type of clothing we would wear. We didn’t decide on amount of people talking since we’ve heard different limits from different faculty, but for dress we decided on nice jeans and button-down shirts.
    • The team decided to have a content-lock on Friday, thus spending the time over the weekend polishing and practicing the presentation, making sure it is under 10 minutes long.
    • We then discussed the game and the trailer and how they both need some more iterations. The game needs a few more quests, dialogue, and a new build, while the trailer needs some more editing and new audio.
    • We then made a plan for tomorrow where Tony and I would be testing the game in QA while Aaron, John, and Dmitri would be working on an intro for the game.
    • We also discussed how we would mention future members and what we’re looking for. The minimum we could work with is adding one programmer and two artists. What we want to add is one designer, two artists, and two programmers.
  • We concluded the week by having another work meeting on Saturday, November 19th, 2016, in which we began by looking at Thursday’s QA feedback…
    • When asked for thoughts on the art, every single tester gave positive feedback saying it was good and they loved it. There were no negatives.
    • We then asked the testers to rank how well the tutorial explained what to do on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being very well). 64.3% of the testers voted 5, 21.4% voted 4, 7.1% voted 2, and another 7.1% voted 1.
    • When asked for thoughts on the tutorial, most people thought it explained mostly everything. One tester was still confused on sending adventurers out, while some others said it just needs polishing.
    • When asked if they understood the worm arc and the connection between quests and the boss, a lot of people understood it, while other testers didn’t even get to the boss.
    • When asked how they feel about the characters, it was sort of mixed, some testers liked the characters, while others thought they were bland and needed more depth.
    • When asked for other thoughts on the narrative, some testers mentioned it was very loose and there was a select few who wasn’t aware that there was a narrative.
    • When asked how clear the UI was, most testers liked it. The negatives included having quests a different color, and making it easier to tell the player how the time passes.
    • When asked for how long they would want free play to last before the next story arc starts, the times ranged from 4 days to 4 weeks, with most saying 2 weeks.
    • When asked for any thoughts on the boss battle, most people said they loved it. Some feedback was that one felt it was too easy, while one suggested having a stamina bar for the light attacks.
    • When asked for any thoughts on the map screen, everybody loved it except for one, who thought it was a little confusing.
    • Finally, when asked for any thoughts on the merchant gameplay, there were suggestions such as adding a cancel button if you accidentally click to sell an item you didn’t want to sell, as well having the price of the items in the description.
  • Following this, we all spent the rest of the time working on our presentation for the Winter Showcase, since our petition was successful! At the same time, Aaron and Dmitri were working on bug fixes, while Tony worked on his blog post, and John made an item list for each supplier.
  • The next week’s update will probably be the last, which will include any other meetings held, as well as how well our presentation went at the Showcase, and whether or not The Grand Master goes forward to next semester!

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