Progress Report (Week 11)

Hey all, so even though I have already done the 10 required blog posts for the semester, I have decided to keep going since I would feel bad for leaving whoever reads this on a cliffhanger. So, with that in mind, here are the updates for the week…

  • We had our usual work meeting on Sunday, November 6th, 2016 which we spent the entire time working.
    • I worked on my blog post (the Week 10 one).
    • Aaron worked on implementing art into the boss arena.
    • John worked on the presentation and the main menu screen.
    • Tony worked on the presentation and the game text.
    • Dmitri worked on iterating the quests that are in the prototype.
  • That was basically it for that meeting. We then re-attempted to challenge into Vertical Slice the following day, in which we ended up passing through!
  • We then had a QA session on Thursday, November 10th, 2016. This was essential as it was our first QA in 2 weeks, and the testers haven’t seen the new additions such as the art in the shop, the world map, and the art & animations in the boss battle. We didn’t have a meeting afterward like we normally would.
  • Instead of having our meeting, we looked at the QA results on our own time. The feedback were as follows…
    • When asked for feedback on the addition of the world map, testers gave it universal acclaim, saying it was miles better than what we previously had for buying supplies and sending out adventurers. The only thing that the testers felt needed to be done was polishing it and adding a back button.
    • When asked for thoughts on the art assets currently in the build, the testers gave this universal acclaim as well, praising the animations for the boss fight. The only negatives were that the customers were still 2D and had no color.
    • When asked for thoughts on the gameplay loop, the feedback was mostly positive once again as testers felt it had a good flow and passage of time. The only negative that stood out was that the calendar system still feels a little confusing for some.
    • Finally, when asked for any other thoughts and feedback in general, testers mentioned how they loved the game. Some feedback given included things such as some of the text overlapping with the customers, the need for a cancel button in the boss battle, and having a “days to travel” indicator for adventurers when sending them out.
  • We then came together on Saturday, November 12th, 2016 to have our usual work meeting. Since there is only 2 weeks left before the Winter Showcase, we decided that we will just stay in Vertical Slice and petition to present at the showcase since we feel we have a very good chance at presenting (mainly stemming from the overwhelming positive feedback). During this work meeting…
    • I worked on the presentation and this weekly blog post.
    • Aaron worked on creating two more villagers to put in the game.
    • John worked on UI polish as well as the main menu.
    • Tony used the script he created and turned it into a screenwriting as we prepare for voice acting this week.
    • Dmitri worked on implementing the narrative arc into the prototype which includes a tutorial.
  • The presentation we’re making and preparing for is our showcase presentation (assuming we present), as we plan on doing a dry-run of it Monday in class to get some feedback. Later in the week we will also be implementing the narrative arc and voice-acting as well as making a trailer for the game. As of now, the future is looking bright and the Master is on his way to becoming Grand! (Puns intended) Stay tuned for updates!

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