Progress Report (Week 10)

Updates for the week…

  • We had a meeting on Sunday, October 30th, 2016 to look at the QA feedback from the night before. The feedback are as follows…
    • We asked the testers which method they preferred to gather inventory (through fighting the boss, sending out the adventurers, or buying from the supplier). 15.4% said the supplier, 38.5% said the adventurers, and the winner was the boss fight with 46.2%.
    • When asked about the possible addition of rare “one-time” items that are of high value that you can sell, most people would love to see this added as it feels it can help the narrative and there could be specific customers looking for said item.
    • When asked if they felt like they learned anything about the world at any point while playing, only a small few did, while most said the customers didn’t really say much outside of what they’re looking for.
    • When asked how they felt about the addition of humor within the dialogue and how much humor they would prefer, most people said a fair amount and should be dry humor. The amount was fair because someone mentioned not every customer would be trying to make jokes.
    • When asked if they felt like they learned anything about the world through just the customer dialogue, most said no, but the ones that did knew that the world was some sort of mythological fantasy.
    • Finally, when asked if they had any comments on the concept itself, some people mentioned maybe a motivation to undersell your items because you are friends with certain customers. Others mentioned being able to choose your equipment before you fight the boss.
  • We then spent the rest of the meeting as a work meeting. Everyone worked on the presentation as we planned to challenge into Vertical Slice the following day. In addition to this, I worked on the Cultural Analysis, Aaron continued making models, Dmitri is continuing work on the prototype trying to fix the adventurer quests as they keep failing the quest almost all the time.
  • After our challenge on Monday, I got absolutely roasted and was told all the work that I did was wrong and it didn’t even matter. It would help if the person who’s telling me it’s wrong wouldn’t tell me to do it the exact opposite way I’ve been taught to do it, so now I have no idea how to do any of my work anymore since it’s wrong no matter which way I do it because I keep getting told something different.
  • To make matters worse, we did not make it to Vertical Slice, but this was understandable as the main thing we need for our game to make it an actual game (the narrative) still wasn’t fleshed out enough to be able to enter this stage.
  • We then called a meeting on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 that I didn’t attend due to me having QA at the same time. Regardless, the main focus for the meeting was the narrative.
    • John did some narrative work prior to the meeting, and met with the professor, but was told that what John had was too broad.
    • We then took this and tried to narrow it down by figuring out what the monster’s motivations are and why they are a problem for the humans and the Grand Master.
    • Since the only boss/monster present in the prototype is the giant worm, we decided that it nests along a trade route attacking any caravan that passes through. This is a problem for the Grand Master as Yhomstad (where his shop is) is on one side of the route, while his supplier is at the other end of the route.
    • Following this, we moved on to how exactly the player can be informed of this through the dialogue that will be present. A story arc was created. The player spends the first few days in the tutorial, learning how to play the game, followed by dialogue and then the core game loop of running the shop, and sending adventurers on quests. The customers that come into the shop are traders who needs weapons and supplies to survive the possible encounter with the worm. The player/Grand Master can also enter a boss fight with the worm.
    • The meeting was then concluded by briefly discussing voice acting as we have a script ready and would like to record it in the sound labs as soon as possible.
  • The week was then concluded with a work meeting on Saturday, November 5th, 2016.
    • In this meeting, Aaron showed us a map he created of the game’s world (called Fortaris) which includes a body of water surrounding the entire top with a peninsula sticking out which includes the town of Yhomstad (the home town where the shop is). On the south side of Yhomstad is a mountain range with a swamp area called Svarten Yod on the South East side of the mountains. On the southwestern side is Pyren Farstad which is a fortress where Yhomstad’s soldiers are stationed. South of all this lies The Godless Wastes, a massive frozen desert with no water or shelter. On each side of the Wastes are two empires, the Ronevin Empire to the west, and the Byzhan Dynasty to the right, each trying to expand the empires across Fortaris (all of this was the broad narrative John created that was briefly mentioned earlier).
    • Dmitri then showed us the updated prototype which has improvements to the boss battle. The player now has an actual weapon in their hand and has attack animations (done by Aaron). The worm also has movement animations as it now moves in and out of the ground.
    • The rest of the meeting was mainly a work meeting. I worked on updating the Project Plan, Aaron continued iterating the map, John worked some more on the narrative, Tony iterated the script, and Dmitri iterated the prototype trying to get Aaron’s first draft of the map into the game. Stay tuned for updates!

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