Progress Report (Week 9)

Updates for the Week…

  • We started the week as usual with our work meeting on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016.
    • I did some preliminary research on the Cultural Analysis, Aaron worked on a mockup of the game screen, John worked on the presentation, Tony organized the calendar system into a document, and Dmitri worked on the prototype.
    • We set up the presentation which will include slides involving art direction, audio direction, and explaining how our secondary systems support the main system. This was at the request of our professor since he felt we didn’t explain these very well during our stage challenge.
    • A team discipline review as also scheduled for later on this day.
    • For audio direction, we listened to a few songs on YouTube to show the team what our inspirations for the audio direction are. One song we listened to was “Steel for Humans” from The Witcher 3.
  • After our presentation on Audio and Art Direction, and proving our main mechanic, our professor still isn’t sold on the game, despite just about everyone else being sold. The one thing that keeps bothering him is that he feels the narrative isn’t fleshed out, and that we don’t have an actual game, just a bunch of systems instead.
  • We didn’t have our usual Thursday meeting due to every team member being in QA that night as developers or testers. We did meet very briefly after the testing session to talk a little about narrative.
  • We then came together on Saturday, October 29th, 2016.
    • Prior to the meeting, Tony did some work on the narrative side. What he came up with was that, “Never before seen monsters started pushing people out of their land a century ago. You are one of the first adventurers to hunt and push the monsters back. Now, you are retired and must coordinate young adventurers to continue your work. It’s even more important now that there seems to be new monsters spawning from the water where your village takes its number one export, fish!”
    • We then started the meeting by looking at the QA feedback from the Thursday testing session. They are as follows…
    • When asked if they understood how their actions progressed the time of day, most people understood clearly that performing an action pushed time forward, although some thought it was unclear just how much time is spent with each action.
    • We then asked if the tester made enough money to pay their bills at the end of the first week. 90.5% said ‘Yes’ and 9.5% said ‘No.’
    • We then presented a scale of 1-5 with the tester ranking how difficult they thought it was to sell items and getting enough money to pay their bills (5 being the most difficult, 1 being easy). The majority of the people (42.9%) voted ‘2’, meaning it was on the easy side. The only number that didn’t get any votes was ‘5.’
    • When asked how they felt about the different ways of getting inventory, most testers loved the many different ways available and thought they fit well together. The very minimal negatives included some testers not doing certain methods because the prices were too high or that the boss fight is too easy once you get it down.
    • When asked about the descriptions for the items, most people loved it the way it was, short and sweet. Some people were interested in if they were longer and helped unravel the narrative more, while others blatantly stated that they don’t read item descriptions.
    • We then asked about the addition of “one-time only” items that are rare and can only be obtained from doing the boss battles. Many testers liked this idea as it adds more to the strategy, but there were a few who said they wouldn’t sell them because of their value.
    • Finally, we stated that there will not be branching dialogue with the customers, but we plan on having their item requests imply the narrative. We then asked how much of this dialogue would they be willing to read. 38.1% said the requests should be short and to the point, 23.8% said the requests should have some small talk added, 23.8% said other, and 14.3% said they want to read full conversations if they haven’t read them before.
    • John then mentioned something pitched to him where the shop is the center point of the region, with four creatures on each side slowly closing in. The player then sends the adventurers out on the quests to push each one back, and the creature moves closer and closer each time the adventurer fails. If a creature moves close enough to reach the shop, that’s when the player would do the boss battle themselves…but we weren’t sure on what would stop a player from losing the adventurers on purpose because they like doing the boss battles.
    • We then discussed even more on narrative. Tony read out a paragraph he wrote on the narrative that involved the monsters trying to take over the land occupied by humans (something along those lines, the team was talking to fast to be able to type it all out). Overall, we liked the narrative, but Dmitri pointed out that he didn’t want the monsters to be portrayed as the bad guys. An alternate suggestion was something like centuries ago, the humans pushed the monsters out of the land and now the monsters are wanting to take their land back.
    • The rest of the meeting was spent as a work meeting. I worked on this Blog Post during the meeting, but due to being sick I decided to do the rest of work at home (which is the Cultural Analysis), Aaron worked on trying to get the weapon for the Grandmaster into the game, John and Dmitri worked on the prototype, and Tony iterated the narrative to fit more toward what the team had discussed. Stay tuned for more updates!

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