Progress Report (Week 7)

Updates for the week…

  • We had our usual work meeting on Sunday, October 9th, 2016.
    • I worked on his blog and concept statement
    • Aaron worked on art for the halberds
    • John worked on finding free audio samples so we can have audio in the prototype (these would be placeholder sounds obviously)
    • Tony continued research more toward our game’s world and was looking up maps of other worlds. He also reserved 2 QA sessions and worked on updating the feedback form.
    • Dmitri continued work on the prototypes
    • John and Dmitri then re-drew a map of what the world might look like in which they labeled where the town would be and where the war zone is (where everything hostile is). Aaron then came up with a name for the city called Yhomstad, which the team liked.
  • We then had a formal QA session on Thursday, October 13th 2016 and had a meeting immediately after to analyze the feedback (John would be absent until the following Monday due to a family event). The QA feedback are as follows…
    • When asking which art style the testers preferred (the choices were a Nordic village, a desert, and a marsh-swamp), six said the Nordic village, six said the desert, and two said the marsh.
    • When asking about the boss battles and how they feel about it being an optional break from the merchant side of the game, most everybody liked it and thinks it successfully gives the player a nice break, but someone did mention that we need to be careful as to not be making two games mashed together.
    • When asked about the combat and the boss’s behavior, most people thought it was good, with some understanding why the boss moved liked it did once they found out it would be a giant worm in the final build. Some thought it was too easy and others liked how it resembled a battle from Dark Souls.
    • When it came to the addition of a heavy attack and critical strikes in the future, most liked this idea and some made suggestions involving the items you’re selling play a part in the items you have equipped for your battle. Some also suggested giving the player a shield, while one wanted less health and increased difficulty.
    • For the merchant screen, a lot of testers liked how easy it was to use and how it looked. Some suggestions were to have a happiness meter to let the player know if they were getting closer to the price the customer would pay for the item, and one tester not liking the trash button.
    • Most thought the basic buy/sell gameplay was off to a good start, but some mentioned that it’s too simple and that the haggle mechanic was vague. Some suggestions included having the customer leave if the player couldn’t get the right selling price after 3 tries, and the addition of persuading customers to buy other goods with the good they wanted originally.
    • Finally, when asked about the concept itself, most testers liked the concept based on its originality with the only problem being there needs to be a reason for the merchant to be doing the boss battles instead of the adventurers he is selling to.
  • After this we then discussed small iterations to the prototype to be done by Saturday which included removing the trash button as well as implementing some audio and/or some dialogue in addition to an adventurer select screen where it shows their survival rates against the boss, etc.
  • To close out the week, we had another work meeting on Saturday, October 15th, 2016.
    • I actually needed to get homework done for another class (that I can only do in the labs) and then I helped a little with the presentation.
    • Dmitri worked on fixing the aiming in the boss battle to where it is determined by where the mouse is. He also worked on selecting items in the inventory (i.e. visually showing the player what they suggested).
    • Aaron researched more Vikings and occasionally helped Dmitri on the prototype.
    • Tony worked on getting sounds into the game and on the presentation.
    • When it came to the presentation, Tony went through the checklist, making sure we have everything we need and that we meet all the criteria to move on to the Proof of Concept stage (we are challenging this Monday).
    • We also had another formal QA session planned a few hours after this meeting concluded. The main agenda for tomorrow’s meeting would be to analyze the new feedback and make adjustments if necessary. Stay tuned for updates!

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