Progress Report (Week 3)

Hello everyone! The Capstone Crusaders are back again for Week 3 in our quest to make the greatest game we can possibly make…because we all like to pass our classes don’t we? Alright here are our updates for Week 3…

  • On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, we called an impromptu meeting as something VERY important needed to be addressed, which was our team cohesiveness. Half of the team was passionate and focused on one idea, while the other half was passionate and focused on another idea, while the 3rd idea was basically getting the back burner. We all came together, aired out our problems (Personally, I didn’t have any with anyone) and fixed them, and we are now a better team following this, and everyone is now focused on all three ideas equally.
  • Following this important discussion, we then moved on to talk about the aforementioned ideas (minus Warm Fighter) in order to flesh them out even more.
    • Dmitri mentioned his worries for Wizards in Training and My Prices Are More Than Fair which included that they need another mechanic for Wizards and the design and flow of the dungeons in My Prices. John responded with his ideas for the dungeon, stating, that it’d be simplistic and have skeletons (or something of the sort) for the player to wack and random loot drops. Basically something that can be implemented easily.
    • Dmitri suggested that we keep the player in the shop and have a tab system where you can send an NPC into the dungeon to retrieve loot for you.
    • Tony suggested the dungeons be more of a puzzle instead of a battle where the player rummages through things looking for loot instead of battling enemies and hoping they drop something.
    • We also discussed the merchant screen for My Prices as well such as art style and how it would flow. The customer would speak to the player requesting something based on a situation and the player trying to find an item in their inventory that best suits them, as well as attempting to price it to where you still make a profit.
    • After mentioning all of this, we decided it was best to hold off challenging Monday and instead challenging the next Monday so we can have an extra week to test and get everything ready.
    • Aaron suggested scrapping the dungeons altogether, and instead making the player able to roam around a 3D shop, while convincing AI to come into the shop to buy items.
  • We decided to call the meeting there since it isn’t our usual meeting time. We thought we made some good progress with our ideas.
  • Our usual Thursday meeting was still held as normal on September 15, 2016, where we took the time to show the team each of the three prototypes and further flesh out the ideas.
    • We started off the meeting by deciding to postpone the informal testing to either our Saturday or Sunday meeting (with a formal testing session for next week).
    • John then showed off the progress on his prototype for Wizards in Training and had a problem with part of the mechanic, which Dmitri fixed by taking off the collision.
    • John discussed the minute-to-minute gameplay for Wizards which is the player chooses a level, and then you fight enemies until you find a spell book. This will teach the player a new spell which can enable the player to fight enemies they couldn’t before and solve puzzles that they couldn’t solve before as well. John wanted it as a 3rd-person shooter since it would be easier to make.
    • Dmitri and Aaron pointed out the similarities between Wizards and The Legend of Zelda series, which John countered by saying that the RPG-aspects and progression set it apart from Zelda.
    • We then discussed the level progression and 3 paths for Wizards. There is a tutorial level to start out, which is the same for every player. Then, the player will choose one of the 3 paths to continue the game on. The player will stay on the same path throughout the entire game unless they do want to change paths. If they decide to change, they have to go back to the first level of that path, instead of (as an example) playing Level 2 of the Summoner, then going to Level 3 of the Battle Mage. The player would have to go to Level 1 of the Battle Mage if they switch (the tree is pictured below).
    • Continuing with the paths, it was also suggested that each level can also branch of in multiple directions. So, as an example, a player can continue on to the next level to learn a new spell, or decide to just upgrade existing spells (which is a separate path within the main path the player is on).
    • UI was then talked about, which the team felt their needs to be a health bar and mana bar (preferably in the top left corner). On the top middle of the screen would be the spell select (which would only appear if the player is trying to switch spells).
    • For puzzles, this was mentioned in a previous meeting, but John suggested that the Druid would have Divination-esque puzzles where they can see through doors. The Battle Mage would have more physical puzzles where they can hit things, and the Summoner would have ability to summon things to help them out.
    • For pace, John suggested each level would take about 5-10 minutes to be completed.
    • Dmitri suggested a different system where it’s more like a cluster instead of a talent tree, where the player would pick 6 abilities of 9 (numbers are just hypothetical) and then the game is different based on which abilities you pick. The tree would also have multiple tiers to level up. This would add more choice and replay value to the player.
    • John then suggested keeping the talent tree, with the side levels being the clusters, where the player can only choose a limited amount of side levels to do before they can move on to the next main level.
    • We then discussed what resources we would need for each idea if our team moves forward. For Wizards we believe another Systems Designer is needed, as well as 2 graphics programmers, and a visual effects artist or an environmental artist. For My Prices we would need an Audio Designer (but that would probably be needed for any idea), and a character artist. For Warm Fighter, we would need a systems designer and either a level designer or more of a general designer, an environmental, visual effects, or character artist and a graphics or AI programmer (or a networking programmer if we decide to have multiplayer).
    • We then discussed who we would like to work with by name (which said names will not be mentioned here).
  • The week was then concluded by having a work meeting where the team play-tested each prototype and attempted to break them. The lava worm boss in Warm Fighter we felt was shooting too much at the player at one time, and we thought the amount of damage the player took didn’t feel like the right amount as well. My Prices Are More Than Fair mainly had some minor bugs, and the player movement in Wizards in Training didn’t feel as smooth as we wanted it. So, all of these will try and be fixed as we get ready for our planned informal testing session tomorrow! Stay tuned for more updates!

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