Intro/Progress Report (Week 1)

Hello fellow readers! My name is AJ Purnell and I am senior student at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, studying Management of Creative Media with a specialization in Video Game Production. Throughout this semester I will be posting updates on the development of my team and I’s work on our game. So without further ado, here are the updates for Week 1!

  • We had our first meeting on September 1, 2016 with the main goal of brainstorming ideas. Our goal was to create 30-50 ideas by the same time next week. How we went through our brainstorming process is that we did an activity where we wrote anything that we liked about games and/or things we would like to work on in a game (such as mechanics or genres).
  • Prior to this activity some of the team members already had pitches for ideas ready to go. Following the pitches and the activity the team collectively had six ideas listed below….
    • Idea #1 involved a top-down shooter called Warm Fighter which involves fight giant worms or “warms.” The con with this is that it is a very open idea that could go either a boss rush route or an arcade rpg style, as well as the scope of the project.
    • Idea #2 included a turn-based rpg with having user input based on the attacks as a main mechanic (i.e. Certain QuickTimes for certain attacks).
    • Idea #3 hasn’t been thought out too much but it would involve planes in a WW1 sci-fi type of game; even better if it was in VR.
    • Idea #4 involved wizards and a blended UI as a third person shooter. One of the big things with this idea is that the player will experience character growth and progression. Players complete a level and either get a new spell or upgrade a spell already learned. Learn spells on main path, and upgrade them on a side path. 3 Paths – Druid, Summoner, and Battle Mage. Each have own strengths and weaknesses. Main path for each class as well as side path(s) for each. The art style that was considered is vertex painting with the main character model drawing inspiration from Vivi from Final Fantasy and Gandalf the Grey. Cons with this idea is the third person shooter aspect as well as scope.
    • Idea #5 involves a fable where the player interacts with the world, with the story being pretty simple. As the player progresses they find out the story isn’t as simple, but starts to unravel of the events that happened prior to the game (such as how Ring Around a Rosie came from the Bubonic Plague). Basically there is more to the world than meets the eye.
    • Idea #6 is a first person involving tanks where each person commands there own tank. Not much has been thought about for this idea yet.
  • Meeting 1 was then concluded by setting up our Wiki page (the main hub for anything to do with our project(s)) and setting up the task board. We also named the team “Capstone Crusaders,” hence the name of this blog.
  • Meeting 2 took place on September 3, 2016 and the first portion was a team bonding session where we ate breakfast in the cafeteria and talked about gaming in general. The remainder of the meeting took place in a study room and the objective leading up to the meeting was to brainstorm some more and bring some more ideas to the table. The activity done at the last meeting was done again in order to get the brain waves functioning. We had 10 new ideas pitched/created bringing us to a total of 16. (New ideas listed below).
    • Idea #1 would be a horror-viking game, that ISN’T survival horror. The way the game is portrayed would have a horror aesthetic, but we then determined that it wouldn’t really be horror by that point.
    • Idea #2 involved being a viking captain and having to protect your men (i.e. resource management).
    • Idea #3 would be a first-person where you take care of your neighbors but sometimes you turn into a werewolf and end up killing everyone you love.
    • Idea #4 involves a casual horror where the player plays as the killer, but during the course of the day, he’s out and about like a normal person doing normal things.
    • Idea #5 is a post-apocalyptic merchant game, aesthetic in the frozen wastes, involving vikings wearing gas-masks.
    • Idea #6 was thought of beforehand and has the working title My Prices Are More Than Fair. You are a merchant who sells potions, weapons, etc. to adventurers. You can use ships to export and import merchandise, hire pirates to hijack ships with merchandise, use an alchemist to make certain potions for you, etc. You can also get more merchandise by exploring dungeons and looting dead adventurers. The cons are that it would need a lot of art assets, possible lack of narrative, and it’s a lot on the programming end.
    • Idea #7 is a 90s high school detective game where you’re an investigative reporter for your school paper.
    • Idea #8 is an arena sports game where you’re trying to get your ball to the goal but at random times there would be a modifier (i.e. no gravity, a giant boss appears and goes on a rampage).
    • Idea #9 is a space odyssey where you’re a galactic being that can survive in space where you can explore worlds and you use time and space to solve puzzles. You can also teleport and distort.
    • Idea #10 is an “Escape the room” game where you’re in a building (with multiple rooms) that’s a puzzle-adventure crafting game where you can craft items based on objects you find in order to help you escape.
  • The meeting was then concluded by having everyone brainstorm some more and have at least 2 ideas each to share for the next meeting. Stay tuned for more updates!

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